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Please proceed to the home page, or click on Power Analysis Service Plan, for now other plans are not active. On the home page, identify your preferred plan, and click on order now. You will be re-directed to the configure page.

On the Configure page, make your preferrable selections, such as the:
  • Billing Cycle
  • Category you are purchasing
  • Report duration
  • Report Starting Date
  • Region: Region the report will be centered on
  • Media Type: All Medium or single media

Then Click on Add To Cart, to add your selections to the cart. You will be presented with a total, based on the kind of selections you made. Repeat this for any other item you want to purchase
  • Click on 'View CART' menu or cart icon in the top right corner, when you are done purchasing items
  • On the shopping cart page, verify that all items are in your cart and the price and total is correct. Then click on 'CHECK OUT'. Note: if you want to add more items before checking out, you can still go to the home page or products page to add more items to your cart, and come back to the shopping cart page
  • If you are already logged in, you will be directed to the complete page, where you can pay or select pay on delivery.
  • Please login if you have an account. If you have not registered yet, you will be re-directed to the register page, where you will supply details about your username and password etc. All fields are compulsory. You can alternatively use your facebook account to register or login
  • After registering, please go to your mail, and verify your account.
  • After verification, please login again, and continue with your checkout
  • After successful checkout, on the complete page, select 'Proceed to Payment' to immediately pay for your order, or click on 'Pay On Delivery' to place your order on pay on delivery status
  • Once your order is placed, we will either automatically confirm it by notifying you via Email, or we will call you for confirmation in case we need more details. If you are unsure of whether your order has been confirmed or not, please contact us here a few hours after your order placement.

You can cancel your order by sending a mail to, specifying your order details. Also orders not paid for are automatically not treated.

You can choose from the different payment methods available on our platforms. Please find below the list of available payment methods:
  • Pay via your payment cards after clicking on pay now during checkout
  • Pay to the bank, and send payment details to
  • Pay at our Hq(Address at contact us)

You can find the payment methods during the final step of checkout in detail. Do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service for more information

Simply register within 1 minute or login with your Facebook or Gmail account if you do not have an existing account.

There are no hidden costs or charges when you order from Defendis Hair. All costs are 100% visible at the end of the checkout process.

Please contact us here so we can help you to resolve the issue.